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Our film catering services ensure that your production runs smoothly, with satisfied cast and crew

Film Catering


Cater Inc is recognised as one of the leading film catering companies in Mumbai. The company creates opulent, inventive, custom-tailored, and highly memorable food and beverage experiences for a diverse array of client briefs, ranging from modest, small meetings to huge, spectacular banquets. Cater Inc is a leader in the film catering industry. Our film catering in Mumbai exemplifies levels of service and quality with a level of refinement that is on par with the best in the world.

When people think of luxury and exquisite cuisine, they think of Cater Inc Through careful analysis of worldwide trends, we are able to import the finest ingredients and bring in the world's most renowned chefs to create unforgettable events that showcase the cutting edge of the culinary arts.

Professionalism and enthusiasm power Cater Inc's sophisticated and flexible approach to every event's specific needs. Imagine a world where "everything delicious" is presented elegantly to add to the prestige of your gathering. Privet is the epitome of that sphere, and it is highly recommended for cocktail parties, buffet meals, and formal dinners.

Whether it be a business conference, company luncheon, product launch event, or annual corporate award party, having food that is delicious, reasonably priced, and provided on time is what makes for a satisfying experience. We have a team that is engaged in making sure that the event goals are met, and we have specifically built solutions to satisfy the demands of corporate clients.


Cater Inc has built a name for itself as a leader in contemporary hospitality, contemporary experiences, and luxury catering. We are a premium catering company that works in collaboration with Mumbai's most intriguing spots, brands, and individuals to create real events and experiences via the delivery of food and beverages.

Since inception, our years of experience in the business have provided us with the suitable groundwork to strategize, produce, and successfully complete a variety of events while maintaining our signature creative flair. Our staff has organised events and weddings all across Mumbai, so we are able to provide you with exceptional concepts that come directly from our creative imagination. We take great pleasure in crafting one-of-a-kind experiences for our customers that are inspired by their worldviews, their traditions, and the milestones they are marking in their lives.

When catering to larger events or film shoots, we prepare the food on-site, so you won't have to worry about it getting contaminated or making use of stale ingredients. The freshness of the fruits and vegetables that we serve is always a top priority for us. Because the poultry and dairy products come from certified vendors, there is less of a chance that customers will have an allergic reaction to the food or be sensitive to the preservatives.

In addition to providing delicious, nutritious meals that are suitable for the event and adhere to any dietary restrictions your guests may have, the specialists on our staff will treat them to an unparalleled level of service. We address all the concerns about the quality of the food we serve by combining both quality and flavour, using only the freshest farm produce, and making sure that it is cooked in-house with spices and condiments sourced from the most trustworthy vendors.

Cater Inc is one of the most reliable and trustworthy film catering companies. If you are looking for the same service, contact us immediately!


I have used their services on multiple occasions and was never left disappointed . Very professional and accommodating whether the catering is required for a small or large group . Their menu is constantly updated as per season / trends in the culinary space. Highly recommend them for any scale events / parties and you will surely in for some rollicking feast

Tasnim Eran

One of my long-term vendors. We go way back and have hosted several events together. Their food is of great quality and tastes fantastic. I'd always recommend them for events or functions, big or small. They can support you with an event of any scale.

Siddanth Pillai

5As - Amazing, Artistic, Awesome, Appetizing, Alluring - the professionalism of the staff, the menu options, the quality and taste of the food, the presentation, the care, zero-cribs - all conspired to make my event supremely satisfying - never had this experience before. My guests went overboard commenting about the food and service

Suresh Iyer

Excellent continental food and good portions. Very prompt service too. Highly recommend their baked fillet of fish!

Kainaz Motiwala

Cater -in has an extensive menu and the food quality us very good. We requested for oil free food and they delivered it. Simply superb.

Manali Ashar

Best catering services in Mumbai. Genuine pricing.

Shivam Thakur

This was my first experience with cater inc and must say it was a memorable experience. The food n services was excellent. It was a pooja function. Catering staff was well mannered, professional, polite. Overall it was a wonderful experience. We highly recommend them.

Jashk Prajapati

I have booked cater inc for 17 August anniversary ceremony party.... As they are best cater in marine line, Mumbai. Mr anil has given many add on things, which is also not part of the event.... we will definitely rock... Thanks cater inc for admonishing service...

Vinayak Panda

The work done by cater inc has been absolutely great.... whether it is the quality and taste of the food or the personal attention given by the staff and the managers everything is top class. Great value for money. All my functions will now be catered by them.

Priyanka Vankar