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Cater-Inc: One-stop solution for world-class hospitality proudly offering turn-key event planning and staffing from start to finish.


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Cater-Inc strives to produce innovative culinary art, creating memorable experiences through inspired cuisine and impeccable service.


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Corporate events, family dinners, weddings, awards, brunches, parties, get-togethers, and even meals for the entire week.



We are the finest corporate caterers in Mumbai that deliver memories with excellent food quality and immaculate services to bring new innovative standards in the catering world. The company promises to serve up smiles with their out-of-the-box appetizers, wholesome main dishes and attractive desserts. With our flair for the theatrical, Cater-Inc chefs can tweak the most traditional and boring dishes with a contemporary artistry introducing cuisines that have never been tried before. Serving as one of the top corporate caterers in Mumbai, Cater-Inc specializes in personalized weddings, conventions, galas, corporate events and parties. We have innovated a flawless and professional corporate catering menu that dispels the boring food served under such premises and promises interesting flavor combinations. Cater-Inc is known for being innovative and accommodating and is listed as the best corporate caterers in Mumbai for designing a bespoke menu for your memorable events, whether big or small.

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Celebrate corporate life!

Corporate Catering

From years, Cater-Inc has been renowned corporate caterers in Mumbai serving delicious food and beverages to corporate events with time punctuation, and most precisely with exquisite and refreshing menu.

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Memorable events!

Party Catering

Arrange your next party event with us, as we at Cater-Inc are ready to plan a bespoke menu that meets with your party style for the beloved guests with a delicate selection of cuisines to make your party a memorable.

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Wedding Catering

Crafted with love for perfection, Cater-Inc brings a wide panorama of cuisines which offers the best catering experience and will make your wedding day special.

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You can’t miss this!

Outdoor Events Catering

Outdoor events are the perfect gateways to add a unique charm to any occasion. We have an amazing outdoor event catering menu to choose from simple rustic barbecues to high-dining delicacies, you name it.

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Our Menus

We offer a complete range of authentic food menu, which ranges from Indian, Continental, Italian, Oriental and Desserts.


Scrumptious Catering

Spark the magic and celebrate your special moments with Cater-Inc.

Corporate Caterer In Mumbai

Best Corporate Caterers

We offer world-class cuisines, letting consumers choose what they like to eat and giving them a chance to taste new varieties.

Cater-Inc does not beat around the bush with big words and hollow promises. Years of experience and our diverse range of vibrant and unique dishes with premium tastes make us the best corporate caterers in Mumbai. We are always ready to add stars in your lavishing birthday parties, corporate lunch, dinners, ravishing yacht parties, events, etc. that are tailored as per your needs. Our chefs are keen on your interests; hence, every dish they make reflects your wishes subtly. We handle innovative event requests almost with every new client and have developed a flair for unconventionality.

Cater-Inc brings years of experience to the world of elite catering services in Mumbai, India with delicious food, professional service, and exemplary style.

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Top Corporate Caterers in Mumbai

Unmatched Punctuality

At Cater-Inc, we give high priority to punctuality. At any event, the significance of a well-served buffet is immense when keeping the guests in a happy mood. You do not want a late service in terms of food because keeping the guests waiting can be an absolute mood-killer. Cater-Inc assures you timely catering services with our delicious food, friendly and hot and ready to go. The destination is not a factor when it comes to timely delivery of food and set up. We make the required arrangements beforehand to ensure that our staff gets enough time to set everything up at the venue well before guests arrive—one of the reasons why we are the finest corporate catering in Mumbai.

No Compromise on Quality

You ask for premium quality, delicious food? We deliver. It is our motto to put quality above all when it comes to serving our customers. We prepare your food with the finest quality ingredients and have everything hot and fresh. At Cater-Inc, we make sure that there’s no room for complaint about our food’s quality, taste, and delivery. Our excellent team of chefs prepares your food with the best care and ensures every food item is worth a proper chef’s kiss. Our responsibility is to maintain the standard of our food to ensure that our customers keep coming back and do not feel a twinge of hesitation while recommending our catering services to their friends and family.

A Huge Variety to Choose from

Cater-Inc does not limit your choices. Instead, we broaden the horizons of your food ventures with our ever-expanding menu of dishes whose origins encompass the world—looking for a traditional Indian cuisine at a royal wedding ceremony? Cater-Inc can promise you just the right amount of tadka along with all that aromatic biryani and kebabs. Want to go all out and bring in some continental twist to the party? We are ready for some action with our exquisite continental menu stuffed with all the authentic French, Italian and even Greek food you could think of! Are you planning to go casual for this cosy little office party? We offer corporate catering in Mumbai and have a perfectly subtle mix of Italian flavours, with your pepperoni pizzas and Alfredo pasta setting the mood for the evening. Whatever your event’s theme, Cater-Inc has the right combination of dishes to make it a hit!

Budget-Friendly Service

One of the first things you worry about while planning a party is whether everything you need will fit within the budget or not. Especially when it comes to food, it can be a real struggle trying to find the perfect combination of dishes that would resonate with the party you have in mind and fit right into your food budget. Cater-Inc offers you a lip-smacking menu of dishes ranging from diverse cuisines, all available at perfectly affordable rates. Our agents are even willing to plan up the perfect menu for your event if you give them the budget range to work with. So forget worrying about having good food at your party without burning a hole in your pocket with Cater-Inc’s amazingly affordable services.


I have used their services on multiple occasions and was never left disappointed . Very professional and accommodating whether the catering is required for a small or large group . Their menu is constantly updated as per season / trends in the culinary space. Highly recommend them for any scale events / parties and you will surely in for some rollicking feast

Tasnim Eran

One of my long-term vendors. We go way back and have hosted several events together. Their food is of great quality and tastes fantastic. I'd always recommend them for events or functions, big or small. They can support you with an event of any scale.

Siddanth Pillai

5As - Amazing, Artistic, Awesome, Appetizing, Alluring - the professionalism of the staff, the menu options, the quality and taste of the food, the presentation, the care, zero-cribs - all conspired to make my event supremely satisfying - never had this experience before. My guests went overboard commenting about the food and service

Suresh Iyer

Excellent continental food and good portions. Very prompt service too. Highly recommend their baked fillet of fish!

Kainaz Motiwala

Cater -in has an extensive menu and the food quality us very good. We requested for oil free food and they delivered it. Simply superb.

Manali Ashar

Best catering services in Mumbai. Genuine pricing.

Shivam Thakur