How To Choose A Catering Company For Your Film Production

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  • Catering plays a crucial role in keeping everybody involved, fed and energised throughout a film production, which is why it is so important. If you’re a producer, director, or member of the film crew, you’ll benefit from learning more about film catering companies.

    What Exactly Is Catering For A Film Set?

    Unique to the demands of a film set, film production catering is a unique aspect of the catering industry. Catering offers the cast and crew on-set or location-based meals, snacks, and beverages. Mobile, flexible, and able to meet the specific demands of film production are all qualities a catering service should have.

    Catering Vs Craft Services

    Craft services and catering are two essential components of film production. Although the two names are often used interchangeably, they are distinct from one another.


    Snacks and refreshments are a common part of craft services since they are provided often during the day. They may be stationed at one fixed spot on set, or they may be mobile, travelling wherever the crew goes. Coffee, soft drinks, fruit, tea, water, chips, and other snacks may also be available as part of the craft service.


    Full meals for the cast and crew are sometimes provided via catering. Meals may be served either as a buffet or on plates, and they can have a variety of selections to cater to a wide variety of dietary restrictions and tastes. In addition to entire meals, catering services may also include snacks and beverages.

    Budgetary Factors

    Depending on the size and complexity of the production, the cost of catering for a film might range greatly. 

    The catering budget for a feature film should take all of the considerations into account, and the catering firm should be willing to produce an estimate that is customised for the specific demands of the production.

    On-Site Catering

    Remote or inconvenient locations may need catering services for filming. On-site catering is what you need for an event like this, and only a caterer with the right tools and experience can provide it.


    A temporary kitchen and dining space may need to be constructed in an undeveloped area for on-site catering. The catering service should have no trouble moving and setting up heavy items like stoves, refrigerators, and tables and chairs.


    Food trucks or other mobile catering units may be needed for on-location catering to carry and serve meals to cast and crew personnel who are spread out over the set at various times of the day.


    The logistics of bringing equipment and supplies to a faraway location, as well as any extra expenses that may arise, must be taken into account when organising catering on-site. If you need assistance planning and carrying out a shoot in an unusual or difficult area, use a catering service with expertise in on-site catering.


    For shootings in out-of-the-way or difficult-to-reach places, on-site catering is an essential aspect of film catering in Mumbai. Make sure your cast and crew stay well-fed and energised no matter where your production is taking place by using an experienced on-location catering provider like Cater Inc.



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        July 17, 2023 |         Film Catering