Wedding Catering Trends For 2023 In Mumbai

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  • Traditions from the bride’s and groom’s families are brought together when they join as one at the marriage ceremony in India, especially in Mumbai. Modern Indian weddings are strange and interesting because they combine traditions from India’s many different cultures with many Western ones.


    Guests will come from far and wide to celebrate with the happy couple, but they will be drawn to the reception hall more by the promise of delicious food and the professional service of the caterers than by a chance meeting with the bride and groom. Thus, you should only pick the best wedding caterer in Mumbai, like Cater Inc., for your wedding, preferably one that has expertise with the kind of party you’re planning. Even though catering is a key part of your wedding, it’s still just one of many details to consider. In 2023, these are the new catering trends that will dominate weddings:

    A Narrative Menu

    These days, a wedding reception menu won’t only include a few trendy items sprinkled in among the classics. The timing and menu of each meal are meticulously planned. It’s often based on the couple’s love story or a theme they want to highlight via the meal. The pair might deepen their connection with their guests by using the wood they serve as a metaphor for their romance. And in 2023, when weddings with a central theme remain popular, the catering must reflect it. For instance, a wedding with a Rajasthani theme cannot have a meal including Maharashtrian cuisine.

    Keeping It Local

    These days, most couples care more about getting their hands on fresh ingredients from nearby farms than purchasing gourmet meals flown in from across the world. Some brides and grooms may even ask their chefs to prepare regional dishes typical of the area where the reception will be hosted. One of the most exciting aspects will be forming partnerships with community-minded businesses like restaurants and wedding catering services. To guarantee the highest possible standards of cleanliness during food preparation, not only will caterers be evaluated, but so will supply chain management.

    Customised Menus For The Big Day

    Personalised wedding meals are another new trend in the wedding industry. Here, appetisers and main dishes are customised to include the couple’s favourite meals. The wedding caterer in Mumbai is there to help them tell their stories through the cuisine they prepare for their guests as they sit down with them to discuss their preferences. If the bride and groom originally met on a train trip, for instance, the reception meal may have dishes that reference the train travel. Guests won’t be eating from a menu but rather from a uniquely designed wedding cake that tells the tale of the couple’s romance.

    To Wrap Up

    Indian weddings are known for their lavishness. Every aspect of a wedding, from the decor to the wedding catering services, matters greatly to the overall success of the event. You may save yourself a lot of time and effort by contacting Cater-Inc, the best wedding caterer in Mumbai.



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        March 21, 2023 |         Wedding Catering