Importance of Food Safety in Outdoor Event Catering: Best Practices and Protocols

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  • One of society’s most powerful unifying forces is the power of good food. Catering is essential to the success of any outdoor event. It is not enough to merely cater an event; you must ensure all your guests enjoy themselves.


    Regarding outdoor catering services, buffets are a top choice for many customers. They are inexpensive and easy to set up for a big event. For a lunch or supper event, self-service is a great alternative, as everyone can personalise their food, choose their own servings according to their hunger and, best of all, avoid the trouble of clearing up the used plates.


    In the catering industry, ensuring the safety of the food is paramount. The last thing anyone wants is a bunch of ill or unhappy guests complaining during or after the event. Proper crowd control and simple guest mobility are the first things to ensure. The cleanliness and security of the food served by Cater Inc have always been their top priorities. We implement the best practices and protocols to keep food safe, which are mentioned below:

    Thorough Planning

    Proper food preparation is our speciality when catering to outdoor events. Separating foods helps avoid the most common food event: cross-contamination. We always keep cooked items in a different area from raw meat. We keep meat and veggies on separate cutting boards. After handling raw foods, disinfect and wipe off any surfaces used for cooking and preparing.


    We always wash equipment before each use with hot, soapy water. We also wash our hands right after handling gloves and throw them away after usage. We do not prepare food hours before the event and get the temperature of your food perfect every time.

    Transporting and Storing Items Correctly

    Under no circumstances should perishable foods be kept out of the fridge for more than two hours. You should just throw it out after 2 hours, as it’s no longer safe to reheat or refrigerate. Food poisoning may occur if you eat such food. Store hot and cold food at the proper temperature if you plan on preparing some food in advance in your kitchen and transporting it away from the venue. When the food gets to the venue, we ensure it’s in the best possible shape. Keeping our transport vehicles clean and in perfect condition is again on our priority list.

    First Aid Kits and Staff Uniforms

    We at Cater Inc ensure that every cooking and serving personnel member must wear clean uniforms. Sanitary items, such as hair nets and disposable gloves, are readily available to all people. We have instituted a policy of regularly briefing all staff members on company policy regarding food safety. If any of the employees in charge of preparing the food have an injury, they must get prompt medical treatment, receive proper care and be kept away from places where food is being prepared to avoid cross-contamination of surfaces and food.


    When it comes to outdoor catering services in Mumbai, no one does it better than Cater Inc. We guarantee high-quality food and impeccable service. We aspire to revolutionise the catering industry to ensure that each outdoor event we host is a fantastic experience for our customers and guests.


  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        June 24, 2024