Decoding Winter Wedding 2021 Catering Trends

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  • Can you imagine a big, fat Indian wedding without all those mouth-watering food stalls? Especially when the wedding takes place in winter, then there is a different charm to it. Winter is a pleasant time for a generally hot and humid country like ours. That is why winter is the best season to deck up to your heart’s wish and gorge on delicious food without worrying about health. Winter weddings are the chance for wedding caterers to showcase their special talents and skills so that the happy occasion remains etched in the guests’ minds forever. If you are planning for your big event this winter, then take a quick look at some winter wedding trends of 2021:

    Bollywood Style 

    Are you a crazy fan of Bollywood? Then what can be better than having a Bollywood style wedding with pictures of your favourite movie stars looking at the wedding venue? You can ask the guests to come dressed up in the Bollywood style and play some popular wedding beats to add charm. The wedding catering services usually serve a quirky, party-style cuisine consisting of Indian veg and non-veg dishes and a fusion with continental types of food. 

    Eco-Friendly Theme

    For this theme, you can select a venue filled with lush green grass, a simple makeover of someone’s courtyard, DIY earthen pots filled with fairy lights that can illuminate the wedding area. Many fresh flowers and fresh food from the backyard, including refreshing salads, simple yet heavenly Indian food, cakes and sweets, can complement this theme. The wedding will be fun, close to nature and more intimate. 

    Royal Style

    You may also go in for the classic royal wedding theme of red and gold with exquisite flowers and roses. The décor will highlight the day’s importance as chandeliers hang over doorways, halls and long corridors. Tapestries and satin decorations in the wedding venue will add charm to the entire event. For a royal theme wedding, the food must have the touch of royalty to it. The wedding caterers may serve traditional preparations fused with a modern touch on plates of gold and silver, complete with catering staff clad in traditional uniforms of white and gold, complete with a turban. 


    The trending modern wedding theme with minimalist guests adds a more intimate and romantic touch to the entire wedding. Such themes will usually have continental or fusion foods with preparations like risottos, wedding cakes, various kinds of salads and wine. You can go in for pastel shades of minimal and simple decorations or even add white or silver to the wedding venue. The calm pastel shades will also help to calm down your wedding jitters.

    The Bottom Note

    The themes mentioned above are some trending winter wedding themes of 2021. All the themes are equally unique and will add extra charm to your special day. However, no matter which theme you choose, always remember to select a reasonably spacious location so that the guests and the 

    wedding catering services

     can be accommodated without causing crowds. Ensure that the venue is sanitised and proper hygiene maintenance by the catering staff handling food



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        October 25, 2021 |         Wedding Catering