Catering Safety Precautions During Pandemic Times

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  • The pandemic times have imposed many restrictions on all our activities, including how we consume food. When it comes to maintaining hygiene while preparing and handling food items, the food industry can be stringent. Customers expect the catering services to maintain safety rules and hygiene while preparing food. Some of the best catering services follow the standard procedures of hygiene which makes their food safe to consume. Health inspections are carried out periodically to check the standard and quality of food being served by the caterers and save their brand name. Read more to find out the utmost safety precautions that catering services should take during times of pandemic. 


    Catering in Mumbai requires one to be compliant with the standard health regulations. Maintaining cleanliness is the first step that you should take. There should be easy access to soap and water as a messy kitchen or not properly washed dishes can be an easy breeding ground for bacteria. 


    Moreover, it is essential to dry the utensils and dishes thoroughly, as wet or moist cutleries are breeding for various diseases. Dealing with food can be a sensitive issue, and if any customer complains about the lack of hygiene or falls ill after having food prepared by your cooks, then your business name can be tarnished forever. That is why, make your staff understand the importance of hygiene and ensure that your staff, employees and cooks wear masks and gloves and remain clean to avoid food poisoning. You may even think of installing no-touch soap dispensers and water faucets, even to reduce touch contamination and ensure a highly germ-free establishment.


    Cross-contamination in food occurs when bacteria from one food item travels to another, thus contaminating a lot of food items. This issue is very harmful as, most of the time, it is easily overlooked. Persistent cross-contamination of food has earlier led to a bad reputation of some of the best catering services in Mumbai. The only way to prevent it is to properly segregate and store foods and products away from each other. Keep the raw ingredients like meat separate from cooked items and frozen foods. Also, make sure that the food is stored in a properly ventilated cold refrigerator.

    Standardised Rule Of Hygiene

    Keeping the kitchen clean, avoiding cross-contamination of food, maintaining personal hygiene can help reduce health risks to a great extent and keep your business at a high standard. However, your staff and cooks should also be faithful to the rules and follow their hygiene diligently. You should command their cleanliness and be strict about it to highlight the importance of such norms. Only well-trained staff understanding the importance of dealing safely with food will serve the best quality food to the customers. 

    In Short

    Catering in Mumbai can be very challenging as dealing with food requires a lot of care, perpetual attention and most importantly, proper hygiene. Only when all the members associated with a catering business understand the importance of serving the best quality food while adhering to the norms of safety and cleanliness can the catering business soar to great heights and become a name worth remembering!



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        November 06, 2021 |         Catering Service