Catering Ideas To Organise A Hassle-Free Birthday Party

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  • Birthday parties may seem easy and quick to plan because they don’t need extravagant decorations or rituals. However, when it comes to food, both kids and adults need to be taken care of, so the menu should have a lot of different things on it. Depending on how many people you want to invite, you can have a small, intimate party or a Big Birthday Bash. Best Caterers have seen that people usually throw a big party and rent a big hall for a big birthday, like a 5th birthday party, a 16th birthday party or even a 50th birthday party.


    Now, if your child is under ten years old, you can plan a party that is more fun for kids, and if you want to throw a birthday party for a teenager, it should be more like a bridge between a party for kids and one for adults. Birthday parties aren’t just for people under 20 years old. It can be for someone’s 30th, 50th or 70th birthday. And each arrangement has to be made differently. The party for a person’s 30th birthday is usually a bit more grown-up, with Mughlai and Chinese food being the most popular choices. The 50th and 70th birthday parties, on the other hand, should make older people feel at ease with their variety of guests and how the food is managed.


    Here are a few tips on planning a birthday party without much trouble:

    •   Food Items: If it’s a birthday party for kids, the best caterers always recommend having at least 3 to 4 finger foods, which are always their favourite. You can also put out a big bowl of candies that all the kids can take as much of as they want. This kind of fun always makes the event more memorable. You can also have some drinks and chips. As you plan birthday parties for adults, you should choose a catering for birthday party at home that will please both vegetarians and people who don’t eat that way. Young men and women like smoothies and cocktails, which are more Western dishes. As for food for seniors, it should be just as light and tasty. Space is something that needs to be balanced. Small sweet dishes add a modern touch to the party.
    •   Food Stations: When hosting a party like a birthday, it looks nice to have different food stations around the edge of a hall or garden. At a birthday party, kids and even older people love to hang out at the fun station, where they can play minigames to win candies, other fun foods or other gifts.
    •   Arrangement and Serving:A buffer system is not usually used when setting up the main course for a birthday party, especially for a child. Most people would rather have a place to sit. Also, you may need a good place to stay depending on when and where the party is.


    Cater-Inc. takes care of these needs and works to ensure the event is fun.


  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        September 26, 2022 |         Party Catering