Catering Cocktail Parties for Small Groups: Stylish Ideas for Drinks and Hors d'oeuvres

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  • It can be quite graceful to entertain a couple of friends, and one of the possible ways could be to host a cocktail party. With those little ideas on appetisers and beverages, one can be in a position to host a good party without a lot of money. If it is a birthday party, holiday or simply if you want to have a small house party catering for your friends, then read on and be inspired with some tips that could make this event a success.

    Non-Alcoholic Beverage Options

    Since cocktail parties are centred on great drinks, you should take time to decide on the cocktail you will be preparing. Get creative and come up with a cocktail that adds to the theme or season, and this one is a perfect example: mint juleps for a Derby party. Some individuals don’t take alcohol, so it is advisable to have a fruit wine or fancy non-alcoholic cocktail. If that is still too much, you can just limit it to beer and wine if that is all that is desired.

    Easy Appetisers That Impress

    Good drinks must be had with appetisers that can be taken with the drinks, especially when taking them with friends. Avoid appetisers that require picking up a fork or small pieces that are difficult to handle with a plate and a drink in hand. Some ideas include devilled eggs and crostini, beautifully garnished with delicious substances such as tapenade or fig jam, stuffed mushrooms, baked brie wrapped in puff pastry with fruits and double-baked small potatoes. Avoid overcomplicating prep and instead present the apps in a lovely manner, such as arranging them on pretty plates.

    Presentation Matters

    It is essential that you do not disregard the presentation aspect when catering your small house party. Choose serving pieces, glasses and tablecloths that are appropriate to the theme and maintain the elegance and beauty of the event. Mimbre components or new items in your wedding registry designs brighten a table. Cutting fresh grass and flowers with keen sensitivity and arranging them in vases is a functional but elegant centrepiece. For enhancement, tea light candles and menu cards placed at each place also add to the beauty of the space.

    Final Touches

    For a host, attention to little details plays a significant role in creating the general mood of the environment. Start with polite music, which will be played in the background to welcome the guests. Ensure that their glasses remain filled and check on the quantity of drinks often. Finally, as the host, you were to welcome everyone, introduce newcomers to other people and make sure that the flow of conversations was smooth, making it a fun event for everyone.

    The Bottom Line

    Cocktails for a small number of people while maintaining style is manageable; however, to have a smashing success, opt for small house party catering services by yours truly, Cater Inc.


  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        June 10, 2024 |         Party Catering