5 Questions To Ask A Caterer Before Hiring Them

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  • Food is an important aspect of any event, whether casual or formal, sit-down or buffet. Despite the fact that it may appear to be the most enjoyable vendor to hire (particularly for wedding tastings), hiring the best catering services can be stressful. 


    Because each event catering company breaks down the bill differently, it can be difficult to compare quotes. This list of questions provides information from event professionals like Cater-Inc to assist in the selection of a catering provider for an event.

    Ask A Caterer These 5 Essential Questions 

    Once you’ve compiled a list of a half-dozen or so potential caterers, make sure you ask the following questions: 

    1. Have you ever catered for something similar? 

    An experienced caterer is a safe set of hands. They’ll know how to deal with last-minute modifications and even how to engage with your event’s clients or guests. 


    If a caterer has never handled a gala for 2000 people, they may not be prepared to provide the greatest service. If they are eager to do the job despite their lack of expertise, inquire about how they plan to handle the event’s organisational requirements.

    2. What factors go into determining the pricing per plate? 

    You’ll be able to figure out their pricing strategy and how they calculate per-plate expenses as a result of this. This is critical because you don’t want to discover later on that a catering company you admire is out of your pricing range, especially if you want a dinner with “extras” that the catering services provider considers “extras.”

    3. What does your quote include? 

    A caterer may charge a variety of additional expenses that were not mentioned in the original contract. Ensure that all the quotes you compare include the same items, such as: 

    • Staff 
    • Cake cutting 
    • Alcohol 
    • Table service 
    • Taxes 
    • Tips 
    • Furniture 
    • Serving utensils 
    • Clear away

    When you compare estimates, you can get a clear image of what offers the most value for your money.

    4. Is it possible for you to cater to any location?

    You must inform the caterer about your venue in advance to ensure that they cater to that specific location. Some venues only allow particular caterers, while others charge you more if you choose a caterer who isn’t on their preferred list. To prevent additional costs, make sure you discuss this with both your venue and your caterer.

    5. What is your cancellation policy? 

    Life happens, and your event may need to be cancelled at the last minute. Caterers understand that unforeseen circumstances may force your event to be cancelled, but they, too, have bills to pay. 


    Find out what your possible caterer’s cancellation policy is, especially whether the refund amounts decrease the closer you get to the event.

    Inquire About Catering For Your Event From Us

    If this list of questions to ask a caterer seems a bit daunting, there is always one simple answer – Cater-Inc! Your event may be a huge success if you hire the right catering services provider!



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        November 15, 2021 |         Catering Service