Top Tips On How To Stretch Your Office Catering Budget

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  • There are colleagues and friends in your office, and you have to provide a great breakfast or lunch to them. However, the tight budget is the only reason stopping you from giving them a great treat. Here, you will know how to manage the catering services on a budget.

    Find Options for Drinks.

    Simple alternatives of food choices, like changing the ingredients or one item from the menu, can help you to reduce the cost. Start with changing the options of the drinks. Usually, the fruit juices are expensive, and you can change them with soft drinks. The fruit juice is healthy, but it has the same amount of added sugar as soft drinks. 

    You can only keep tea or coffee as the drinks. You can make it in the office kitchen to cut the cost. 

    Opt for a Whole Fruits Platter.

    Fruits are healthy and popular snacks for breakfast and lunch. The pre-cut fruit platters are competitively more costly than whole fruits. You can buy it in large amounts and serve it by cutting it by yourself. You can choose to keep the fruits, and the guests can have them as they like. You can even have yoghurt in a large bowl to serve the fruits. 

    You can get many different options within a fixed budget by choosing any good corporate catering services

    Select the Time Wisely.

    Timing is very crucial. Usually, people eat less during breakfast than lunch. By choosing the time, you can cut off the corporate catering budget. 

    You can significantly be on a budget by restricting eating time yet providing a great experience. For a morning breakfast or evening bite sandwich, muffins along with tea or coffee along with muffins and pastries can be a good option. 

    Focus on Portion Control.

    The types of plates and bowls, basically utensils you are using, can affect how much people consume. Usually, people tend to put more food on their plates than consume. By using smaller utensils, the amount of food they put on their plates can be restricted. This will also help to reduce food wastage. 

    Select Casual Food.

    It is not always necessary to go for posh arrangements every time. You can arrange something casual, which can be budget-friendly too. No need for fancy table decor and elegant table settings. Usually, Italian foods like Pizza and Mexican foods are budget-friendly and popular. 

    Packages Are Budget-Friendly Options.

    Usually, packages are more beneficial, even if you have a tight budget. Catering services for corporate offices can offer many choices. You can get many options from breakfast to evening snacks and a vast variety of lunches. You can customize the package according to the headcount and budget. Many services have a personalized option where you can choose your menu. 

    Final Words

    Corporate catering can sometimes seem intimidating if you have a budget constraint. However, you can pull it off without issues with the right choices and few changes. Go for a catering service that provides personalised options and choose according to the crowd, time, place, etc.



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        January 16, 2022 |         Corporate Catering