Five Strategies To Improve Food Safety In Catering Services

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  • Food safety in catering services entails using high-quality products and providing excellent service to show that you care about your customers.


    Furthermore, if you ignore food safety, you face the risk of destroying your own business due to neglect, as it only takes one sick customer with a social media platform to harm your brand and trustworthiness, especially when you are running catering services in Mumbai.


    Food safety protocols in restaurants and catering follow the same basic rules, with the exception that in catering, you must also consider elements such as transportation.

    Start from the Source

    If you do this initial step right, you’ve completed a significant portion of your work. Make sure the food you’re using is fresh (vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and even packaged items).


    Ensure that your vendors meet the FSSAI requirements at all times. It’s a good idea to buy farm-fresh or organic produce. Always double-check the manufacture, expiration and use-by dates of any items you’re using.

    Prepare with Care

    One of the most serious challenges in food handling is the separation of foods to avoid cross-contamination. Raw meat must be kept separate from prepared items in the refrigerator. Do not use the same chopping boards for meat and vegetables.


    After handling raw foods, disinfect and wipe down all cooking and prepping surfaces. Before each usage, wash all equipment in hot, soapy water. Hands should be washed often. After each use, throw away your gloves.


    Food should not be prepared hours before the occasion. Moreover, cook meals at the correct temperature every time.

    Maintain Your Schedule With The Appropriate Storage And Transportation.

    Food should never be kept out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours in the temperature range of 4° to 60°C. It must be discarded after 2 hours since it is unsafe and cannot be reheated or refrigerated. Food poisoning can result from eating such foods.


    Ensure that food is kept at the proper temperature in airtight containers. To avoid dripping onto other foods, keep meat and poultry on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

    Service Is Sacred.

    Most caterers keep a clean kitchen and serving station, but when things become a little rushed, hygiene might fall by the wayside in favour of quick service.


    However, it is vital to wash hands frequently, wipe surfaces frequently and wash all dishcloths and tea towels regularly. Ensure that all glasses, serving plates, utensils and bowls, cooking pots and pans and other items that will come into touch with guests and caterers are clean.

    Train Your Team.

    Working in the food sector exposes you to hazards such as sharp blades, hot water and boiling oil daily. As a result, it is critical to be prepared for any eventuality.


    If any of the workers who are responsible for food preparation become injured, make sure they receive prompt medical attention and are kept away from food processing facilities.


    These are some pro strategies one can and should use while running a catering business. And we, at Cater-Inc, take care of every such strategy and more. Come and check out our amazing wedding catering services.


  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        February 21, 2022 |         Catering Service