Best Catering Trends & Tips for Intimate Wedding

Since the COVID-19 wave swept our country, the Indian wedding sector has shown an admirable sense of responsibility. In every walk of life, we are becoming more aware of the significance of adopting a sustainable approach and prioritising hygiene. The wedding venues and wedding catering services in Mumbai are more cautious than ever before because hosting an intimate marriage celebration today entails protecting the health of the hosting family, their guests and the venue’s employees.

So, if you’re one of those folks who want sustainable food at their wedding, we’ve got some great wedding catering trends and tips for you:

#1 Be Creative with Colourful Cuisine

Colour plays a large role in the overall aesthetic of your wedding day, no matter what time of year you’re being married. Why not include your catering menu in the mix? Your bridal party clothes, flowers and linens are all prepared to coordinate and complement one another, and so your catering will coordinate.

#2 Make Reservations for a Sit-Down Meal.

If you want a more traditional setting, the buffet may appear to be the greatest option, but it is not. Buffets can jeopardise both visitors and service employees. But don’t worry, we’ve got a great choice for the buffet in the form of sit-down meals. It is not only safe, but it will also reduce the risk of exposure.

#3 Plated Meals Are Ideal for Small Gatherings.

Are you throwing a wedding party for 50 people or fewer? If that’s the case, skip the buffet and go for pre-planned plated meals instead. The nicest part about ordering plan plated meals is that they may be modified to your client’s preferences. Because the gathering is smaller, the host will have an easier time serving the guests through planned plated meals.

#4 Serve Cool Drinks to Your Visitors.

Because giving booze to guests may be prohibited at small weddings, you may always serve wonderful refreshing drinks to your guests. Cater-Inc’s team is skilled at making the best drinks, including both cocktails and mocktails. You can also provide your guests immunity-boosting drinks that are both delicious and refreshing, whether it’s during COVID-19 or not.

#5 Keep Sanitary Requirements in Mind.

During the pandemic, we cannot forget the importance of cleanliness and sanitization, and we must continue to take all preventative measures. To reduce the danger of contamination, all serving and kitchen employees must wear gloves, shields and masks.

Connect with Cater-Inc for the Best Wedding Catering

Couples are not required to postpone their wedding plans, but service providers must ensure that ceremonies are held with the highest care and safety. Thus, you can reach out to our staff at Cater-Inc if you want to provide top-notch catering to your guests. We have the best caterers in Mumbai on board to ensure your guests’ safety and security. Our crew takes all necessary precautions and ensures that you receive the highest quality catering services possible.