5 Common Misconceptions About Corporate Catering

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  • Corporate catering services are great for organising food and refreshments for conferences, staff meetings, and social events. These services are also useful for preparing and serving food for religious or charitable organisations. These services enable you to organise an event without the time or effort required to do so yourself. Let’s review many common misunderstandings about corporate catering services in Mumbai:

    1. Many People Believe That Corporate Catering Is Cheaper Than Hosting Meals Yourself.

    This is because purchasing items in bulk can be less expensive than buying them one by one. Plus, you can hire staff members to help you with the preparation and serving of meals. This will lower your costs even further since you won’t have to pay workers’ wages. Additionally, you can purchase inexpensive catering equipment – such as tables, cutlery, and ovens – which you cannot easily afford when hosting meals yourself. All these factors contribute to corporate catering being less expensive than doing it yourself.

    2. Catered Food Lacks Flavor And Variety.

    The opposite is true for caterers who have prior expertise. The high quality of the food that they provide is the single most important factor in determining the success of their business and their reputation. As a result, they take all necessary measures to ensure that it will consistently satisfy their taste buds.

    3. Each And Every Caterer Is The Same.

    It is important that people refrain from assuming that all caterers are the same. When it concerns both quality and aesthetics, every brand is different from the next, much as with clothing and shoe labels. Conducting research is the best way to find reputable corporate caterers. Read reviews left by previous customers, go with well-known caterers, or consult with relatives and friends for personal advice on local caterers.

    4. The Meals That Are Offered By Corporate Caterers Are All The Same.

    This is definitely not the case at all. Every party is unique, and the personality of the host shines through at every catered event. In order to properly exhibit the host’s personality, caterers work closely with their customers and learn what it is that their clients want to happen during the event.

    5. Spend Less On A Buffet Or Family-Style Meal.

    Many guests believe that selecting buffet-style catering would help them save money, but this is not the case. Caterers have to prepare far more food than they would for plated dinners since guests may help themselves to seconds and thirds. That raises the price of their services because more people and food are required to produce the same quantity of food. Catering companies can accurately estimate their food needs for pre-selected or served meals, thanks to the ability to precisely measure individual servings.

    The Bottom Line

    It’s a common misconception that ordering from a corporate caterer would result in undesirable, uninspired food, as the caterer uses the same menu, no matter the type of event. That’s not the point of corporate catering. Get in touch with Cater-Inc now if you’re looking for the best corporate catering in Mumbai.


  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        November 20, 2022 |         Corporate Catering