5 Catering Ideas For A Corporate Lunch Meeting

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  • Ordering lunch for oneself is simple. Do you want to order lunch for the whole company? Not actually. Coming up with corporate office catering or catering for meetings ideas that will suit all of your co-workers’ taste buds might be difficult, but we have a few suggestions that can assist. Have a look:

    Gourmet Grilled Cheese

    Let’s take just a minute to enjoy the hearty simplicity of the grilled cheese sandwich-toasted bread with butter and a gooey cheese centre! It’s a dish that anybody can create, but a talented chef can take it to the next level. Many corporate caterers can adjust their recipes to include non-dairy and vegan/vegetarian choices in gourmet grilled cheeses, so the possibilities are almost limitless.

    Savoury Crêpes

    The French have a long street-food heritage, and savoury crêpes may be the best-known example here. Unlike the sweet, breakfast-specific variant, savoury crêpes are a distinctly French take on comfort food. Crêpes are the perfect vehicle for a variety of full and flavourful lunches, from the rustic appeal of ham, mozzarella and mustard to more complicated pairings like chicken breast with mushrooms and goat cheese.

    Indian Street Food

    It’s impossible to really comprehend the variety, complexity and delectability of Indian street food. From lighter cuisine like bhelpuri and aloo chaat to more substantial meals like keema pav, your teams are sure to discover a new favourite lunch dish. You can also ask the corporate lunch providers to include non-veg alternatives like chicken pakora and masala fish rolls to pacify any wailing omnivores.

    Korean Tacos

    This extraordinarily delightful clash of tastes might well be the most intriguing culinary crossover of the contemporary era. Who knew that stuffing classic Mexican corn tortillas with bulgogi and kimchi could result in such an immensely tasty lunch? Most cities have at least one location to satisfy your need for this Latin-Asian Street cuisine must-try. If your business lunches are becoming a touch routine, Korean tacos may be just the thing.


    From vinegar-drenched pulled chicken to tomato-sweetened ribs and from smoked brisket to dry-rubbed chicken, few lunch alternatives offer the startling diversity of the humble barbecue. And, as any BBQ connoisseur will tell you, the sides matter just as much as the meat. Roasted brussels sprouts, mac & cheese, collard greens, baked beans, what more do you need? And don’t forget the cornbread. In light of the fact that at least half of your employees will be dozing off in a conference room after lunch, this may not represent the best choice if your company has a busy afternoon planned.

    In Short

    One of the nice things about coming up with corporate lunch catering ideas for your office lunch is that even a little city may have a tonne of fantastic alternatives for feeding your employees. People who live and work in foodie communities know that they will never be bored with the variety of cuisines available to them. Your co-workers will appreciate the flavour of your city’s cuisine if you add some variation to the office lunch menu.



  • Chef Arvind Rawat
  • By Chef Arvind Rawat
  • |        March 09, 2022 |         Corporate Catering